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Teach Me How to Say It Right: Helping Your Child With Articulation Problems
By Dorothy P. Dougherty

"Although speech development can be a complex subject, it covers a wide range of issues in a manner that is practical and easy to follow. Important topics such as language development, sound and word articulation, speech encouragement, phonological development, speech milestones, and literacy are addressed, with plenty of activities for parents to do with their children. Articulation of sounds and phonological (speech sounds) awareness are a particular strength." (Allison Martin)
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Bonding While Learning: Activities to Grow Your Relationship While Preparing for Reading Success
by Gary Kosman and Grace Chiu

"This book provides lots of practical activities to share with toddlers and preschoolers to encourage speech, early reading, and interactive communication. Letters, sounds, listening skills, decoding, and more are encouraged through games and exercises which are easy to set up at home, daycare or school. Bonding and personal interaction are also encouraged through give and take lessons between parent or teacher and the young child. This is a great resource for young children with special needs, including speech, dyslexia, or autism." (Allison Martin)
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Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Strategy and Activity Guide
by Michelle Anthony, Reyna Lindert

"This book makes an effective case that sign language can help your child communicate with others sooner and at a much deeper level than usual for their age. It is also helpful for children who have speech difficulties or other issues preventing them from begin easily understood. Using pictures, examples and games, this book explains how to effectively teach your baby or toddler to use sign language and facilitate communication at a very young age. The main focus of the book is on presenting specific examples for a number of daily activities in which sign language can be used with your baby. Activities conducive to signing include diapering, meals, bathing, bedtime and play. " (Allison Martin)
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Look Who's Talking
by Laura Dyer
"A wonderful resource for parents who have questions about their child's speech. Laura Dyer, a speech-language therapist with a master's degree in communications disorders, has written a book that is well researched, easy to use and full of practical advice. " (Allison Martin)
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The Late Talker: What to Do If Your Child Isn't Talking Yet
by Marilyn Agin, Lisa Geng, and Malcolm Nicholl
"An excellent guide for parents who have concerns over their child's delayed speech. Expert advice from a pediatrician who worked in the field of Early Intervention and a parent activist." (Allison Martin)
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Show Jo How to Wash Your Hands
by Charlie Buckley

"A wonderful resource for preschool, kindergarten, therapist's office or home, this cheerful board book encourages and teaches children how to wash their hands. Step by step photographs show human hands washing correctly, while the accompanying page shows a funny bear making silly handwashing mistakes. Developed by a speech therapist specializing in autism, the text is encouraging, lighthearted, fun to read, while also being informative. A joy for children and adults, this well researched and useful book deserves a place on your bookshelf."
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Show Jo How to Make a Sandwich
by Charlie Buckley

"Jo, the adorable teddy bear, illustrates how to make (and how not to make!) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Created by a speech therapist with expertise in autism in children, this cheerful board book demonstrates sandwich making step by step. The text and story encourage participation on many levels from children, including talking and responding. A wonderful example of a comparatively simple story with layers of learning - speech, cause and effect, motor skills, humor, articulation, and rhyming. Recommended for preschoolers and for young children with special needs such as autism, speech disorders, sensory integration, and learning disabilities."
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Order Does my child have a speech problem? Language Processing Problems: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Cindy Gaulin
Self-published guide to language processing in chidren.
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Order Does my child have a speech problem? Does My Child Have a Speech Problem?
by Katherine Martin
"This overview of common speech and communication problems provides a brief description and presentation of treatment options for each. Useful for parents attempting to determine why their children are having problems communicating." (Allison Martin)
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Order New Language of Toys The New Language of Toys : Teaching Communication Skills to Children With Special Needs : A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Joan E. Heller Miller and Sue Schwarts
"How to use toys and games to encourage young children to communicate and use speech. This book is especially useful for parents who wish to encourage their toddler or preschooler's speech who may not have access to a speech/language pathologist." (Allison Martin)
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Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences, A Parent's Complete Guide to Language Development
by Julie J. Masterson Phd, Kenn Apel Phd, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
"Help your child develop the communication skills. Information on language development, environmental impacts, and problems."(Allison Martin)
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Order Listening Problems Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems : What Every Parent Should Know
by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
"This is a comprehensive overview of communication disorders and treatment in children. Out of print, but available used." (Allison Martin)
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Songames for Sensory Integration
by Aubrey Lande and Bob Wiz
"Fun songs and music with sensory integration and communication activities with children." (Allison Martin)
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Order Childhood Motor Speech Disability Childhood Motor Speech Disability
by Russell J. Love
The indepth guide for speech-language pathologists. Literature review includes childhood motor speech disability, neurology, and childhood dysarthrias of cerebral palsy and the lower motor neuron, as well as developmental verbal dyspraxia, assessment, speech management, and therapy for childhood motor speech disability.
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Communicate With Your Child
By James D. MacDonald & Barbara Mitchell
"These gentle recommendations for encouraging your child to communicate are useful for all parents of children with delayed speech." (Allison Martin)
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