Advocating for Children with Special Needs

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Articles and resources for parent advocates for children with special needs.

Recommended Special Needs Advocacy Books
Books reviews on special education advocacy.

Is There Help for My Older Child with Adoption Attachment Issues in the School Setting?
IEPS and other education assistance for older adopted children with attachment issues. (Gloria Wassell)

School Behavior - A Good Evaluation Helps Your Child Learn
A psychological evaluation can provide clues to your child's behavior for a better education. (Cary Chugh, Ph.D., Child Psychologist)

Parent - Teacher Advocacy for Neurodiverse Learners
How to Advocate for your Neurodiverse Child: Be kind and clear, not pushy. (Deborah Reber)

Rose Colored Glasses
Parents don't look through rose colored glasses, but it must seem like we do. (Pat Linkhorn)

When to Retain a Special Education Attorney for Your Child's School
Advice on using a special education attorney when you have problems with your child's school. What to look for and when to use an attorney for the special education process. (Interview with David A. Sherman)

Never Give Up! Don't Let Statistics Rob Your Hope and Joy
Medical statistics based on the group norms may be very misleading and even disabling when applied to individual children. (Foster Cline and Lisa Greene)

Advocating for Your Child with Disabilities
How to advocate successfully for services and information you need when your child has severe disabilities. (Miriam Edelson)

Cost Control When Retaining a Special Education Attorney or Lawyer for Your Child's School
Advice on paying for a special education lawyer when you have problems with your child's school. An interview with David A. Sherman, special education attorney. (Allison Martin)

Turning Knowledge Into Action: Being an Effective Parent
Steps you can take to be a more effective advocate for your child. (Lisa Greene)

How to Talk So Health Professionals Will Listen
Suggestions for parents communicating with doctors and other health professionals. (Karen Melnick)

Advocating for a Child who has Cystic Fibrosis
Interview with the mother of a child with Cystic Fibrosis. (Pat Linkhorn)

Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities: Parents Lack Information
A research psychologist and the parent of a special needs child explains that parents of disabled children need more access to support and information. (Rani Elwy, PhD)

Professional Parents
Parent advocates should have a code of ethics that permeates their actions. (Pat Linkhorn)

Will the Real Professional Please Stand?
How parents of children with special needs would like to be treated by the professionals. (Pat Linkhorn)

Your Parent Teacher Conference
Tips for meeting with your child's teacher. (Tracey Wood)

Special Needs Transition Services from High School
Teens with special needs are eligible for a variety of transition services, once they reach the age of 16. (David A. Sherman, Special Education Attorney)

Someone I Love
A touching dedication to parents of children with special needs. (Lori Hickman)

Finding Help
Acknowledging Your Need for Help (Diane Murray)

The word inclusion seems to conjure up all the worst images for many professionals. (Pat Linkhorn)

The IEP "Test"
The unspoken rules of an IEP meeting. (Pat Linkhorn)

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