ADD / ADHD and Children

Articles and resources provide support for raising children with ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity.

dad holding on to hyperactive son

ADD/ADHD Book Reviews
Reviews of recommended books on ADHD in children.

Helping Your Impulsive ADHD Child
Coaching your child with impulsivity toward better behavior. (Dr. Steven Richfield)

Goodbye Hawaii
A humorous look at life with a child with attention deficit hyperactivity ADD/ADHD. (Pat Linkhorn)

Appointment with Destiny
Can my son have ADHD? Beginning the process of diagnosis. (Jeff Stimpson)

Kids Can Be Clueless
Knowing the rules is one thing, and being conscious of them, and being aware of what one is doing at all times, is another matter. (Joyce Divinyi)

Does Your Child Have a Hidden Disability
Your irritation with your child may reflect a hidden disability. (Jill Curtis, Psychotherapist)

What is Attention Deficit Disorder ADD? Causes, symptoms and prognosis. (Susan Chiang)

Attention Deficits ADD/ADHD- What Teachers Should Know
Over 100 suggestions on teaching children with attention problems. Also applicable for children with learning differences and disabilities. (Chesapeake Institute)

Teaching Children with ADHD
Recommendations and accommondations for teaching children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD and ADD). (ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education)

What does it mean for parents and families when their child is diagnosed with this condition? (Anne S. Robertson)

Understanding Attention Deficit Disorder ADD