Special Needs Adoption

adoptive  mom holding her daughter

Articles and resources for parents adopting a child with special needs.

Adoption Book Reviews
Recommended books for adoption of children with special needs.

Adopting a Child with a Developmental or Chronic Disability
Developmental disabilities and emotional, mental, or physical disorders are common among older children waiting for adoption. These disabilities can include cerebral palsy, autism, cleft lip and palate, cystic fibrosis, fetal alcohol syndrome, learning disabilities, mental retardation, and epilepsy. (Martha J. Henry and Daniel Pollack)

Adoption - What Special Needs Are You Willing to Accept?
How to make an informed decision in your adoption application and referral. What special need, medical or health condition are you open to in your adoption? (Pat Johnston)

Special Son
The caring words of a little boy with autism have special significance for his adoptive mother, in this heartwarming and inspirational personal story. (Alicia Britt Chole)

Preparing Families for Adoption of Instiutionalized Children At Risk for Special Needs
Advice for parents on adopting children who have special needs or who are at risk. (Dr. Victor Groza and Daniela F. Ileana)

Attaching in Adoption
Deborah Gray provides professional guidance on the attachment of adopted children, in this exclusive interview. (Allison Martin)

The Waiting Child
Touching poem about an older child waiting for adoption. (Debbie Brodie)

Most children arriving in the United States from institutional care have mild caloric deprivation or mild to serious psychosocial dwarfism. (Jean Nelson-Erichson and Heino R. Erichson)

Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
Trish Maskew, an adoption professional, provides advice for parents considering the adoption of an older child in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Are Institutions a Place to Call Home?
Dr. Groza's review of the impacts of institutionalism on children adopted from Romania has implications for children remaining in institutions around the world. (Victor Groza, Daniela F. Ileana, and Ivor Irwin)

Should You Request a Sensory Integration Evaluation for Your Child Adopted from an Institution?
Why children adopted from orphanages and other institutions have sensory integration effects, and when to seek an evaluation for your adopted child. (Harriet McCarthy)