Sensory Integration Dysfunction Issues in Children

Articles and resources to help parents of children with sensory issues.

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Sensory Integration Book Reviews
Reviews of recommended books about sensory integration issues in children.

Sensory Integration Dysfunction
Carol Kranowitz describes some of the signs of Sensory Integration problems in children in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Logistics for a Trip with Your Child Who has Sensory Issues
Organization and preparation for traveling with your sensory sensitive child. (Carolyn Dalgliesh)

Sensory Integration Disorder and Social Skills Parents can help their child with sensory integration disorder in social situations in a variety of ways, as described in this interview with Lindsey Biel and Nancy Peske. (Allison Martin)

Sensory Intregration Dysfunction Checklist and Suggestions for Teachers and Parents
Polly Godwin Emmons and Liz McKendry Anderson provide a sensory integration checklist and suggestions for coping with sensory integration dysfunction in school, in this interview. (Allison Martin)

Sensory Integration and Older Children and Teens : Helpful Activities and Accomodations
Sensory integration dysfunction can continue to affect older children and teens. Recommendations for sensory integration activities and accomodations suitable for teens are provided in this interview with Nancy Mucklow (Allison Martin).

Sensory Processing Disorder
Understanding the components of sensory processing disorder. (Polly Godwin Emmons and Liz McKendry Anderson)

Action Parenting for Sensitive Kids
Encouraging parents with sensory sensitive kids deal with the environment, activities and stress. (Ines Lawlor, Occupational Therapist)

Coping with Sensory Integration Dysfunctiom - A Day in the Life of Alex :
A real life example of ways to incorporate sensory integration activities into a young boy's life. (Dale Lips)

Oral Defensiveness Activities
Activities and tips from parents of children born prematurely who have sensory integration issues. (Virginia Brick and Jacque Shatako)

Tactile Defensiveness Activities
Touch activities and tips from parents of children born prematurely.

Should You Request a Sensory Integration Evaluation for Your Child Adopted from an Institution?
Why children adopted from orphanages have sensory integration effects, and when to seek an evaluation. (Harriet McCarthy)

Pain Tolerance in Preemies
Parents describe pain tolerance in their children born premature. (Rene Milner)

Sensory Integration Disorder in Children Adopted from Institutions
Sensory integration issues of a post institutionalized child adopted from Eastern Europe. (Harriet McCarthy)

See also:

How to Raise a Child with Different Neurological Wiring
Encouragement for parents of children with autism, ADHD, learning difference, sensory integration disorder and other neurological issues. (Interview with Deborah Reber)

Learning Disabilities and Sensory Integration Disorder in Education: A Personal Account
Autobiographical story of the struggle with learning disabilities and sensory integration disorder in elementary school. The author is related to and received direction from Jean Ayres, well known founder of the sensory integration movement. (Philip R. Erwin )

Feeding Hints For Children With Food Aversion
Suggestions for feeding children with tactile sensitivity or other issues that effect eating. (Rachel Browne)