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Here are my reviews of special needs adoption books. You might also my book reviews on recommended adoption books, attachment books, and special needs parenting books to be quite helpful.

The Connected Child: Bring Hope and Healing to Your Adoptive Family
By Karyn B. Purvis, David R. Cross, and Wendy Lyons Sunshine
"This book deserves a wide audience; not only is it beneficial for among parents struggling with attachment or behavior issues, but it will also benefit health care professionals and therapist working with these families. Based on practical experience and research, this book provides detailed and practical techniques parents can use in teaching their children appropriate ways to behave, while responding in a loving manner. It is especially useful for children from preschool to early middle school age with special needs such as sensory integration dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, mild autism, and mood disorders and/or fostered or adopted children (adopted in the US or internationally) who have residual institutional impacts from orphanages, abusive, traumatic or deprived backgrounds, attachment difficulties, or other seemingly intractable issues. While on bad days it may seem impossible, this book not only holds out hope, it provides realistic ways to achieve the closeness with your child you long for." (Allison Martin)
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Nurturing Adoptions - Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma
By Deborah D. Gray
"Nurturing Adoptions is a guide for social workers and psychologists who provide therapy for adopted children and teens suffering from neglect, trauma, or abuse. Dr. Gray delves into the myriad ways that children can be affected by adverse circumstances - biological, psychological, behavioral, and even moral. She teaches ways to find the child's point of view, and key points of stress, and to help re-frame their awareness and behavior into a more positive and adaptive structure, ultimately leading to more balanced and fruitful lives. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in attachment and older child adoption. This is a gold mine of information for the adoption world, for parents and professionals. " (Allison Martin)
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Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents
By Deborah D. Gray
"A comprehensive and knowledgeable overview of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of attachment issues of adopted children. Gray is an experienced family therapist and clinical social worker who specializes in grief, trauma and attachment. Her unique blend of empathy and practical advice makes this an excellent resource for anyone who has questions about bonding and attachment." (Allison Martin)
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Toddler Adoption
By Mary Hopkins-Best
"For first time parents, the book "Toddler Adoption" provides a thorough overview of the childhood stage of one to three year old children and the challenges and joys of the adoption of a toddler." (Allison Martin)
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Adoption in the United States: A Reference for Families, Professionals, and Students
By Martha J. Henry and Daniel Pollack
"Starting with appropriate adoption language and ending with special needs education, this book covers the wide range of types of adoptions and adoption situations, in an authoritative manner. This book stand out among other adoption guides in that it is written for professionals and students and is backed by research with numerous citations and references. Overall, the focus is on providing children with good homes, through ethical adoption and parent preparation. The presentations of medical and health issues of adoption and domestic adoption of older children through the US state social agency system are also exceptional." (Allison Martin)
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Parents Wanted

Parents Wanted
by George Harrar
"Twelve year old Andy is a foster child who desperately needs and wants a loving home; yet Andy struggles with his past and the emotions evoked by his new life with his adoptive parents. Parents Wanted is a real page turner and once you start it you won't want to put it down." (Allison Martin)
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Order Our Own - Adopting and Parenting the Older Child
By Trish Maskew
"It should be required reading for anyone who is considering adopting an older child." (Susan Hall)
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Order Adopting the Hurt Child

Adopting the Hurt Child : Hope for Families With Special-Needs Kids : A Guide for Parents and Professionals
by Gregory C. Keck, Regina M. Kupecky
"Written for domestic special needs adoption, much of the information applies to adopting older children internationally, including grief, loss and attachment issues. Includes an excellent description of Reactive Attachment Disorder and behaviors (mild and extreme) that relate to each facet of RAD." (Adoption Advocates International)
"Keck is a well-known attachment therapist.  His book (the newest edition) also has a chapter on international adoption." (Jennifer S.)
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How to Adopt excellent guide to international adoption

How to Adopt Internationally : A Guide to Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions
By Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen
"The best guide now available to the complex and sometimes frustrating experience of the paper chase required for adopting internationally - from any country." (Allison Martin)
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Parenting Book: Separation and Loss

Helping Children Cope With Separation and Loss
by Claudia Jewett Jarratt
"Jarratt doesn't shrink from providing detailed explanations of theories of loss and resolution, but does so in a manner that is easy to both understand and apply to your own situation. Parents who have adopted older children will find the examples and discussion in this book helpful, as complex issues of adoption and loss are an area in which the author's experience is apparent. Other losses are also well addressed, including death of a family member and divorce." (Allison Martin)
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