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Travels with Baby
by Shelly Rivoli

"It's amazing how much helpful information on traveling this book holds for parents of babies and toddlers. From big trips abroad to short excursions visiting family, detailed discussions of plane, train, car, camper and cruise boat trips will make your family travel much smoother and more organized. Shelly Rivoli provides great tips on safety, health, sleeping, feeding, entertainment, packing, getting around, and choosing the right baby equipment for domestic and international travel, and for any budget." (Allison Martin)
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The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
by Elizabeth Pantley
"In this book, Pantley provides a detailed methodology to help babies sleep through the night. It is full of parenting tips, advice and practical suggestions. Real life stories and quotes flesh out each situation. This is an impressive array of factors that can interfere with getting a full night's sleep, plus suggestions for every one." (Allison Martin.)
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1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12
by Thomas W. Phelan
The underlying idea behind 123 Magic is simple. When your child misbehaves you count each infraction or the time till you get to 3, at 3 they receive a time-out or other consequence. Something about counting works marvelously at helping your child focus and regroup, giving them time to control themselves, once (and this is the important part) you establish that you are willing to consistently follow through. If you find your discipline getting harsher and/or feel helpless in getting the success you need in improving your child's behavior, then this is the book to get. It is fair and ultimately leads to increased self esteem. Used properly, it really can be "magic." (Allison Martin)
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Parenting Book: Sleeping Through the Night

Sleeping Through the Night : How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night's Sleep
by Jodi A. Mindell
"The information and advice in this book will equip you with a good foundation for establishing good sleep patterns for your whole family. If this sounds like a dream, this book is for you." (Allison Martin)
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Understanding Your Newborn And Infant (Simply Parenting)
by Mary Ann LoFrumento
"This guide to parenting your young baby covers developmental stages, breastfeeding, safety, "well baby" doctor checkups, baby care, cleaning, equipment, and more. It has a number of basic parenting suggestions for each stage of your baby's growth. The book includes a DVD." (Allison Martin.)
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Understanding Your Toddler (Simply Parenting)
by Mary Ann LoFrumento
"The second guide in the Simply Parenting series, this book provides detailed information on children who from one through two years old. It covers developmental stages, health, common behavior problems and suggestions, safety, equipment, toileting, sleeping, feeding and nutrition. A DVD is included with the book."(Allison Martin.)
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Parenting Book: Getting to Dry

Getting to Dry : How to Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting
by Max Maizels, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Keating
"The only book available by experts on this potentially frustrating topic. The three authors (a doctor, a clinical psychologist and a nurse), manage the 'Try for Dry' program at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago. This book provides the benefit of their years of experience." (Allison Martin)
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Parenting Book: More Toddlers Together

More Toddlers Together : The Complete Planning Guide for a Toddler Curriculum
by Cynthia Catlin
"This updated sequel to Toddlers Together presents a variety of fun and educational activities for children 1 -3 years old to do with their parents, caregivers or teachers. Children's activities are organized by themes and season; each one lists skills, suggested language (specific activity words), materials needed, activity description and ways to engage the class. Although written for preschool teachers, many of these activities can easily be done at home by an energetic parent or caregiver." (Allison Martin)
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Celebrating Family Milestones: By Making Art Together
By Debra Linesch
"If you are craft oriented and enjoy sharing creativity with your older children enjoy these illustrated projects, such as an accordion book, calendar with flaps, and a family tree." (Allison Martin.)
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