Airline Travel with an On-Board Pump or Implanted Ports

Travel tips for for bringing a pump or implanted port through airport security and on to an airplane

By Oley Foundation

Bringing Your Pump On-Board

If you plan to infuse on-board an aircraft, bring a "Document of Conformity". This document is available from your pump manufacturer and states that the pump has been shown to not cause interference with the airline electronics. Without it, pilots can request that the pump be shut off while taxiing, take off and landing, because it is considered an electrical device. When infusing on-board, be sure to secure your backpack with your seat belt (through the straps). This should prevent your backpack from accidentally sliding away and disconnecting you from your infusion, should you experience any turbulence.

Before bringing your pump through an x-ray machine at the security checks, call the manufacturer to make sure this exposure won’t harm it. If exposure is a problem, you’ll need to get documentation from the manufacturer for security to allow you to by pass the x-ray machine. The pump’s sensitivity to x-rays may be stated in the Document of Conformity.

Two consumers that have traveled a lot over the years, recommend going through the airport connected to your pump. They feel this shows that you need all of the stuff you carry and has helped them get their supplies through security checks easier. One consumer leaves 50 ml from his last infusion in his bag so he can demonstrate the pump’s medical use for security personnel if necessary.

Traveling with Implanted Ports

An implanted port may set off an alarm at the security checks, so if you have one, carry the ID card that came with it as proof of it’s existence. In addition, state your need for a port, and the potential for it to set off a security system, in the letter from your physician.

Airline Travel Help

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