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Special Needs Toys : Sensory Integration and Autism

Special Needs Toys

Sensory Integration Toys and Autism Toys

This is a collection of toys for children with special needs. I have selected toys that are beneficial, and also enjoyable, for children with autism or sensory integration disorder. Sensory integration toys provide practice in areas helpful for sensory integration such as vestubular balance, sensory stimulation, body awareness, and gross and fine motor. Autism toys provide practice for children with autism in areas such as facial recognition, language development, sequencing, and body awareness. I selected these special needs toys based on playtime and sensory integration therapy with my son, who has high functioning autism. We spent hours on floor play and in sensory integration and occupational therapy, and I have been told made a huge difference.

These special needs toys encourage development of gross and fine motor, vestibular balance, sensory integration, body awareness, facial recognition, sequencing and education, all activities that children with autism or sensory integration disorder can benefit. (Some of these may only be available on Amazon during the Christmas season).

These special needs toys are grouped as Gross Motor and Vestibular Balance Toys, Sensory Integration and Body Awareness Toys, Facial Recognition and Language Development Toys, Sequencing and Pattern Toys, and Fine Motor and Teaching Toys.

Gross Motor and Vestibular Balance Special Needs Toys

Wobble Deck

Balance board encourages gross motor and vestibular orientation.

Tactile Sensory Ball

Sensory ball provides gross motor play and sensory stimulation.

Large Rotation Board (Wee Play)

Balance board with handles for gross motor in arms and hands, with vestibular balance.

Occupational Therapy Swing (Piratos)

Sensory warm up or vestibular swinging.


Easy seat for vestibular balance.

Safety Guard Scooters

Wheeled scooter for gross motor development.

Sensory Integration and Body Awareness Special Needs Toys

300 Bristle Blocks with People (Battat)

Fun blocks, with people, provide sensory stimulation, people recognition, and motor skill development.

See-Me Sensory Balls (Edushape)

Sensory balls provide sensory stimulation and gross motor coordination.

Matching Colors and Textures Puzzles (Infantino)

Puzzle cards provide some sensory stimulation of textures with teaching and fine motor manipulation.

Body Sox - Body Sock (Large)

Body sox, used properly, provide sensory stimulation and body awareness.

Parts of the Body Flashcards

Body flashcards encourage body awareness.

Deluxe Mini Play Cube (Anatex)

Play cube provides sensory and motor stimulation.

Facial Recognition and Language Development Autism Toys

Facial Expressions Flashcards (Different Roads to Learning)

Identify feelings and emotions with these face emotion cards.

Language Builder Emotion Cards

Facial expressions and emotions depicted in these cards.

Learn to Talk About Household Objects

Language and conversational skills about every day objects.


Smart Talk Card Sets - School and Community (Educational Insights)


Sequencing and Pattern Toys

Sequencing Puzzle Cards

Puzzle cards improve sequencing skills.

Sequences Flashcards

For children who are ready to move on to more complex sequencing.

Thread Heads Family

Pattern and facial recognition are encouraged with these manipulitive toys.

Bead Sequencing Set (Melissa & Doug)

An easier sequencing bead set for pattern recognition and fine motor development.


Large Lacing Beads (Melissa & Doug)

Eye hand coordination, increasing hand strength, and concentration required for these lacing beads.

Pattern Blocks and Boards (Melissa & Doug)

Fun patterns design, from easier to difficult.

Fine Motor and Teaching Special Needs Toys

Smooth Curved Maze

Tracking aid for fine and gross motor skills.

Lace a Puppet (Lauri Toys)

Fine motor toy.

Handwriting Slant Board

Good quality slant board for fine and gross motor for coloring, writing, learning and play.

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock (Melissa & Doug)

Fine motor and learning toy.

See & Spell (Melissa & Doug)

Fine motor and learning toy.

Magnetic Wooden Alphabet (Melissa & Doug)

Fine motor and learning toy.

Deluxe Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Melissa & Doug)

Fine motor and educational toy.

Cutting Food Box

Fun play with fine motor and learning skill development.

Want more choices? See special needs puzzles.


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