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The Special Needs Store

Our Goal: Making the lives of parents, therapists, and educators of children with special needs and developmental delays easier by enabling them to find a wide variety of products and resources in one location.

Savage FamilyHi. We're the Savage family: Kelly, Dan, Joseph and Jessica. In June of 2003, our son, Joseph, was born and diagnosed with Down Syndrome. We had so much to learn about his disability and have found as the years have passed, that this need to learn is an on-going process as Joe moves from one stage of development to the next.

As I spent a couple of hours one day on the internet, researching various items that I wanted to get for Joe, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of time I spent looking for just the right thing. There are a lot of terrific products out there, but I found that sometimes I would have to "stumble" across them. It was time-consuming to go to so many different sites for speech therapy tools, toys, meal time, potty training, safety, etc. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could go to ONE PLACE that offered a wide variety of products and helpful information?"

Our whole family has been inspired by Joe and what he has taught us along the way. From this inspiration and passion has grown "The Special Needs Store", offering products related to Daily living, Language, Learning, PT/OT, Media, Toys, and health.

There are many different diagnoses, but we have found that there are a lot of similarities in what the delays and difficulties are. Our vision for The Special Needs Store is ever-changing as we become more educated. The list is endless on what we would like to be able to offer our customers and, as we continue to grow, we will be adding new and exciting resources and product lines to our store. Every child is different and what works for one child, does not necessarily work for another, but hopefully our store will help take some of the weight off your shoulders in your own search. As parents, we understand that you want the best that you can give your child. We truly wish to become the "one stop shop" for all of your needs and to be able to offer a wide range of products and information to help you down your "road of special needs".

Warm Regards,
Kelly, Dan, Joseph and Jessica

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