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Special Needs Puzzles

Special Needs Puzzles
Fine Motor, Sensory Integration, Sequencing, Pattern

This is a collection of puzzles for children with special needs who can use practice in fine motor skills, sensory integration, pattern recognition, and sequencing. I selected these special needs puzzles based on my time playing and working with my preemie son, who has high functioning autism and mild cerebral palsy. We spent hours on floor play, and now he is older I have been told made a huge difference. Just remember to have fun, not just work! Its hard to be a parent and teacher, but that is what we do as special needs parents. I have selected puzzles with encourage sequencing, pattern recognition, fine motor skills, manipulating. Some of these may only be available on Amazon during the Christmas season.

These special needs puzzles are grouped as sequencing and pattern activity puzzles, fine and gross motor manipulative puzzles, and disability awareness puzzles.

Sequencing Puzzles & Pattern Activities

Bead Sequencing Set

Fine motor skills and pattern sequencing are easier with these wooden beads and sticks.

Sequencing Puzzle Cards

Puzzle cards improve sequencing skills.

Thread Heads Family

Playful way to encourage fine motor skills, patterns, and face recognition with these wooden figures..

Wooden Stacking Robots

For robot lovers, a sequencing stacking toy.

Sequences Flatcars

For children who are ready to move on to more complex sequencing

Matching Colors and Textures Puzzles (Inanition)

Sensory integration puzzle to match colors, objects and textures.


Pattern Blocks and Boards (Melissa & Doug)

Fun patterns design, from easier to difficult.


Fine and Gross Motor Manipulative Puzzles

Latches Board (Doug & Melissa)

Many types of latches for kids who love to open things. Requires multiple hand movements.

Deluxe Fish Bowl Large Knob Puzzle

Large knobs make this puzzle a good starter, shapes increase the difficulty requiring orientation and turning.

See & Spell (Melissa & Doug)

Puzzle for matching, language and reading requiring fine motor skills.

Count and Match (Battat)

Easier to stack than regular blocks, but does require motor skill.

Large Lacing Beads (Melissa & Doug)

Eye hand coordination, increasing hand strength, and concentration are encouraged with these beads.

Wooden Shape Sorting Clock (Melissa & Doug)

Teaching tool: shape sorter and clock.

Deluxe Classic Peg Puzzle Bundle (Melissa & Doug)

Three puzzles : alphabet, shapes, and numbers are for helpful for fine motor and patterns.

Cutting Food Box

Easy manipulatives teach about food while encouraging patterns, fine motor strength and coordination

Disability Awareness Puzzles

Disability Awareness Puzzle

Kaplan Disability Awareness Puzzle Set

Disability awareness puzzles, great for classrooms and preschools.

Special Needs Puzzle Set

Disability awareness puzzles showing activities.


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