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Tot Tales

At last…software designed for parents of preemies, multiples and special needs children by a software developer and mother of three preemies….including twins!

Tot Tales™ Software… special software helping to empower, enrich and enhance the lives of families.

Visit for your free trial and to learn more about our mission.
Phone: 1-877-TOT-TALE

Information is power, and time is precious! Tot Tales™ uses intuitive screens and menus to help you easily capture and retrieve pertinent information needed to be an informed advocate for your child. Tools like customized, automated schedules, results tracking, ongoing medical and open issues log, extensive medical history and treatment repository, growth and development data adapted for preemies, and a robust reporting tool for fast retrieval of pertinent data whenever you need it, and more!

Capture and preserve family history, baby's milestones, and special moments, enhanced with personal audio messages and images! Create a beautiful, printed version of your journal, or export to files to email to others or post on your own web site!

Easy data capture tools like special copy features and pre-loaded drop down lists simplify the task of creating a repository of baby's history and development, leaving more time for what matters most...your baby!

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