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Prince's Sensory Delights

Prince's Sensory Delights is dedicated to produce adorable, high quality children's clothing specially targeting, (however not limited to), those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and many related disorders, Developmental delay, and Downs Syndrome. Our desire is to help parents and their children with special needs improve the quality of life.

Prince's Sensory Delights was started by a long time experienced Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatrics that continues to work with and adore an array of special needs children. Joined by a highly experienced and successful designer who has enjoyed high acclaim in a major children's apparel company. The result from this teaming is a high quality, non-stigmatizing, novel, and superior designed children's clothing line.

Our clothing is designed to enhance social skills, concentration, organization, dressing independence, while attending to sensory needs. Prince’s Sensory Delights clothing is one of a kind and provides that much needed opportunity for weighted vests as well as other weighted clothing, practice of fastenings while no fastenings are required to operate. We use Velcro closures, which provides proprioceptive input as well as ease and quickness for independent dressing (ADL Independence). Elastic waste bands make dressing and toileting quick and easy, and we attend to routine in our clothing to enhance the child’s spatial organization during dressing. Providing fidgets for fine motor strengthening and calming.

We take great pleasure in offering parents and their children adorable everyday clothing while focusing on the child's special needs. This is our passion.

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